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Find below the latest issues of the EMSA Newsletter during the current year.

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  • Newsletter September 2020

    Published 07.09.2020 Updated 07.09.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Two EMSA contracted oil spill recovery vessels entered into stand-by service; EMSA provides satellite images to assist in the Mauritius bulk carrier accident; SURVSEANET web application call for tender; EMSA's oil spill recovery vessel participates in BALEX Delta exercise; Eyes in the sky for EMSA's RPAS services in Finland; Published 4th implementing regulation for MED; Add Equasis website shortcut to your mobile home screen; EMSA focuses on remote surveys of recognised organisations.

  • Newsletter August 2020

    Published 10.08.2020 Updated 10.08.2020

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    In this issue: EMSA and ECDC issue guidance in response to COVID-19 challenges; EMSA's RPAS services: where are we flying; EMSA publishes weekly report on COVID-19 impact on shipping; EMSA's oil spill recovery vessels participate in the operational exercise Breeze 2020.

  • Newsletter July 2020

    Published 09.07.2020 Updated 09.07.2020

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    In this issue: EMSA Administrative Board meets online, EMSA’s RPAS to support Finnish, Estonian and Swedish Coast Guard functions, MAR-ICE Service expanded, COVID-19: EU Guidance for Cruise Operations, FIRESAFE Studies infographic published, EMSA and RINA take a significant step towards sharing of eCertificates data, Security and interoperability study, EMSA cloud strategy under making, Training on MLC, 2006 , Training on Ship Recycling Regulation, MARSEC ExerCISE, 4th CISE stakeholder group met online.

  • Newsletter June 2020

    Published 05.06.2020 Updated 05.06.2020

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    In this issue: First annual report on CO2 emissions from maritime transport published, Enhance maritime situational awareness over your area with Copernicus Maritime Surveillance, RPAS maritime surveillance resumed in Italy and Croatia in June, and more...

  • Newsletter May 2020

    Published 14.05.2020 Updated 14.05.2020

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    EMSA staff donates equipment to the Portuguese National Health Service, EMSA helps locating boats in the Bay Of Bengal, EMSA held first virtual workshop, Study on Electrical Energy Storage for ships is now published, New dispersant stockpiles set up in Baltic Sea and North Sea areas, Renewed Marine Equipment Database made available, Final reports of SAFEMASS study are now online, EMCIP webinar sessions delivered to member states, EMSA Facts & Figures 2019 just published

  • Newsletter April 2020

    Published 21.04.2020 Updated 21.04.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Covid-19 contingency measures published on the EMSA website; EMSA information systems are monitoring cruises during covid-19 outbreak; New cycle of visits places focus firmly on passenger ship safety in the EU; Regular exercises and drills at sea ensured a high level of pollution preparedness in 2019; EMSA holds IMSAS training session for Bulgaria and Romania; Getting an overview of marine accidents in 2014-2019; Adapting to a new reality - agency continues working towards 2020 goals; Continued support to EFCA for IMS - virtual meetings keep business running smoothly.

  • Newsletter March 2020

    Published 13.03.2020 Updated 13.03.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Major international gathering set on bolstering seafarer rights to decent working conditions; Ambassadors of EU countries to Portugal invited to visit EMSA; EMSA participates in discussion panel at European Shipping Week; Training up inspectors to ensure a better implementation of the MLC; Workshop of the joint European Coast Guard Function Forum targets information sharing and data security; Training on the new THETIS-Med inspection support tool; Progress continues on the Common Information Sharing Environment; EMSA expands ITIL processes by adopting new electronic set-up.

  • BCSEA Newsletter (issue 3, February 2020)

    Published 06.03.2020 Updated 06.03.2020

    m cover bcsea 2

  • Newsletter February 2020

    Published 07.02.2020 Updated 11.02.2020

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    In this issue: Port state control: THETIS-Med enters into service; EMSA holds IMSAS preparatory training session; EMSA hosts study visit from Albanian maritime authorities; RPAS surveillance flights being used to enhance fisheries control; Improving Satellite-AIS coverage; Accident investigation preparation; EMSA to better its own environmental performance.

  • Newsletter January 2020

    Published 13.01.2020 Updated 11.02.2020

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    In this issue : EMSA adopts new agency structure reflecting priorities of latest 5-year strategy; Traffic density maps for a better understanding of maritime traffic; EMSA holds maritime safety capacity building seminar for Indonesian Administration; EMSA appears before European Parliament Transport Committee; Investigating safety culture & assessing procedures on board ships involved in marine accidents; Advanced level training for Accident Investigators; Common Information Sharing Environment: sharing best practices.

  • Newsletter December 2019

    Published 11.12.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: EMSA unveils new 5-Year Strategy to take effect from January 2020; Autonomous shipping: Following the changing landscape & offering technical support to member states; Cybersecurity in the maritime sector: sharing good practices; preparations well underway for the upcoming 2020 sulphur limit; Coast guard authorities hold annual plenary conference in Italy; EMSA encourages debate on promoting gender equality in the maritime sector; ‘POLEX 2019’ pollution response exercise held in Spain; Gaining a clearer picture of ship emissions from THETIS-MRV; New authorities in Italy get to explore the many possibilities of EMSA’s maritime data services.

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