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Component 2 – Provision of EMSA’s tools and services


EMSA can provide beneficiary countries with specific services through SafeSeaNet Ecosystem Graphical User Interface subject to relevant clearance and formalised by written agreement. When feasible and without financial costs to the project, enlargement countries may receive satellite images from the CleanSeaNet, a European satellite-based oil spill and vessel detection service making it possible to identify and trace oil pollution on the sea surface.

RuleCheck is a web based decision supporting tool originally designed for the competent PSC authorities in the Paris MoU domain, and is an up-to-date repository of maritime legislation. RuleCheck facilitates the work of the port state control officers (PSCOs) by filtering the applicable requirements of the international instruments and regional procedures for a specific ship according to its type, construction date, size etc. or through the correlation of an identified deficiency code with applicable reference from an international convention. The search function gives PSCOs ready access to relevant and targeted information, avoiding the need to consult hard copies. Access to RuleCheck will be extended to all staff from maritime administrations.

Enlargement countries could get access to THETIS-EU if they become members of the Paris MoU, or implement relevant EU legislation respectively.