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Traineeship notice Autumn 2020

Newsletter May 2020


EMSA staff donates equipment to the Portuguese National Health Service, EMSA helps locating boats in the Bay Of Bengal, EMSA held first virtual workshop, Study on Electrical Energy Storage for...

Study on Electrical Energy Storage for Ships


The present report provides a technical study on the use of Electrical Energy Storage in shipping that, being supported by a technology overview and risk-based analysis evaluates the potential and...

EMSA Facts & Figures 2019


The EMSA Facts and Figures 2019 publication is a shortened account of the Consolidated Annual Activity Report which details how EMSA has implemented the annual tasks set out in the...

Colaboradores da AESM doam equipamentos ao Sistema Nacional de Saúde português


Empenhados em participar na luta contra a Covid-19, os colaboradores da Agência Europeia de Segurança Marítima (AESM) promoveram uma iniciativa interna de angariação de fundos para a compra de equipamento...

EMSA staff donates equipment to the Portuguese National Health Service


Hoping to lend a hand in the fight against COVID-19, EMSA staff promoted an internal initiative and gathered funds to buy medical equipment to donate to the Portuguese National Health...

Newsletter April 2020


In this issue: Covid-19 contingency measures published on the EMSA website; EMSA information systems are monitoring cruises during covid-19 outbreak; New cycle of visits places focus firmly on passenger ship...

EMSA Outlook 2020


This publication presents the main steps the Agency plans to take in 2020 to deliver on its multi-annual strategic objectives. The content is based on the information contained in the...

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