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Preventing Pollution from Ships [leaflet]

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cover_preventing_pollutionThe reduction of pollution from shipping has formed an integral part of EU maritime safety policy from its beginnings in 1993. To reduce the risk of marine pollution from ships, EMSA provides technical assistance to the European Commission and the 27 European Union Member States on the implementation, monitoring, development and evolution of relevant EU and international legislation

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Marine environment in a nutshell

blue bulletAssists Member States in the implementation of forthcoming or newly adopted Legislation in the field of ship related pollution.

blue bulletAssists the Commission, Member States and the maritime industry, where appropriate, in meeting, implementing and monitoring international and European legislation and initiatives on the reduction of SOx and NOx emissions.

blue bulletAssists the Commission, Member States and the industry in the technical developments related to alternative fuels for ships as well as abatement methods.

blue bulletAssisting the Commission, Member States and the Industry in the Implementation of the EU MRV CO2 Regulation as well as in the International context on future policy developments in this area.

blue bulletSupporting the work of the Commission in the implementation of the PRF Directive.

blue bulletSupport the Commission, Member States, the Industry and the wider Maritime Community in the context of Ship Recycling, in particular regarding Title II of the regulation and the Inventories of Hazardous Materials.