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The Equasis system went live in May 2000 and since then has been collating and making available, free of charge, ship safety and quality-related information on the entire world merchant fleet on the Internet.

Presently the project is funded by 9 safety minded flag states: Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Spain, The United Kingdom, the United States and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). Thanks to these contributing members, Equasis remains a free tool for the shipping industry and the general public. Representatives of these countries and organisations are members of the Supervisory Committee which meets once a year.

EMSA hosts the Equasis Management Unit in Lisbon, including a dedicated help desk ensuring the day-to-day operation of the project, whilst the database is hosted by the French Administration in St. Malo (France).

Equasis has gained an international reputation and is currently considered the most reliable open source of information on quality and safety-related data of the world merchant fleet.

Throughout all these years, and by providing factual data in a transparent way, thus allowing the users to form their own opinion about ships or their operators, Equasis has greatly contributed to the improvement of maritime safety and the quality of ships.

Equasis today includes information on more than 85,000 ships, practically any merchant ship in service above 100 GT.

This detailed information is retrieved from more than 50 data providers which regularly contribute data to Equasis. These include IMO, ILO, ITF, nine port State control regimes, EMSA, Classification Societies, P&I clubs, industry associations, private information and data suppliers, private vetting schemes and companies that offer information on trading areas. 

The data is accessible freely on the internet at

 equasis july2016

Representatives of the ten contributing parties to Equasis after the signature of the amended MoU in July 2016 


Equasis & statistics in a nutshell


newsbulletManagement of Equasis

newsbulletPublishing the annual statistical report on the world merchant fleet in Equasis

newsbulletProduction of statistical products, services and publications

newsbulletProvision & enhancement of the MARINFO database based on the best commercial data available

newsbulletProvision of an Helpdesk service for data processing , data analysis and the production of statistics


newsbulletReliable and compatible data contribute to a better monitoring of the EU maritime legislation and support the Agency's tasks in using up-to-date and validated information.