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EMSW - User Manuals

For EMSW administrators

How to configure the EMSW prototype

This video shows to technical contact points how to configure areas, organizations, users and regulatory information in the EMSW prototype.

For data providers

Submitting notifications

This video shows how to submit a request notification that will automatically be available to the relevant authorities.

Consulting and managing requests

This video shows how to consult and manage requests previously submitted in the EMSW.

Uploading spreadsheets files

This video shows how to input information using Spreadsheet files. Spreadsheets files are Microsoft Excel tables which replicate the data groups of a request notification.

Reporting cargo information

This video shows how to report Customs formalities.

Consulting and managing cargo information 

For authorities

Providing decisions and map view

This video shows how to view notifications sent by data providers and how to record clearance to enter or leave a port.