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Legislative Texts

Items Reference Published
Directive 2002/59/EC

establishing a Community vessel traffic monitoring and information system and repealing Council Directive 93/75/EEC

Directive 2001/96/EC

establishing harmonised requirements and procedures for the safe loading and unloading of bulk carriers

Directive 2000/59/EC

In 2000 the European Community adopted Directive 2000/59/EC on port reception facilities, with the aim of substantially reducing discharges of ship-generated waste and cargo residues into the sea. This Directive especially aims at reducing illegal discharges from ships using ports in the EU, by improving the availability and use of port reception facilities, thereby enhancing the protection of the marine environment.

Decision 2850/2000/EC
setting up a Community framework for cooperation in the field of accidental or deliberate marine
setting up a Community framework for cooperation in the field of accidental or deliberate marine pollution.
Directive 1999/95/EC

concerning the enforcement of provisions in respect of seafarers' hours of work on board ships calling at Community ports

Directive 1999/35/EC

on a system of mandatory surveys for the safe operation of regular ro-ro ferry and high-speed passenger craft services

Directive 1999/32/EC

relating to a reduction in the sulphur content of certain liquid fuels and amending Directive 93/12/EEC (OJ L 121, 11.5.1999, p. 13).

Directive 98/41/EC

on the registration of persons sailing on board passenger ships operating to or from ports of the Member States of the Community

Directive 1998/34/EC

laying down a procedure for the provision of information in the field of technical standards and regulations

Directive 1997/70/EC

setting up a harmonised safety regime for fishing vessels of 24 metres in length and over

Directive 96/98/EC

on marine equipment

Directive 1995/21/EC

Council Directive 95/21/EC of 19 June 1995 concerning the enforcement, in respect of shipping using Community ports and sailing in the waters under the jurisdiction of the Member States, of international standards for ship safety, pollution prevention and shipboard living and working conditions (port State control).

Directive 76/769/EC

on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations


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