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Access Information leaflets and brochuresInformation leaflets and brochures

EMSA publishes a series of leaflets which are designated to inform our stake holders of particular activities or services we offer.

Access Corporate publicationsCorporate publications

EMSA produces a series of strategic documents such as the annual report, work programme and five-year strategy. Information concerning EMSA's budget and financial statements can be also found here.


Access Technical reports, studies and plansTechnical reports, studies and plans

EMSA produces and commissions technical reports and studies as necessary to facilitate more informed choices. Action plans and activity reports are regularly published by EMSA to keep its stake holders informed of the various developments relating to a specific project.

Access Guidelines, manuals and inventoriesGuidelines, manuals and inventories

A set of guidelines, manuals and inventories are produced by EMSA on its various activities for our stakeholders